Dog Cries Every Night As No One Wants To Adopt Her, Shelter Shares Her Photo As Last Hope !!

Poor baby, I really hope that the lady gives her a good life with a lot of love and that never abandon her....

They often use social media to urge the eye of pet lovers and eventually get their dogs adopted. At an associate shelter, they found a tragic and devastated puppy who frequently cries since nobody seems to have an interest in adopting her. They were ready to capture a heartbreaking photo of the puppy while she looked through her cage with lonely and defeated eyes. She looked sad but hopeful that somebody would take her home. When the photo was posted online, many pet lovers were left heartbroken for the puppy’s situation. Adoption Adoption applications poured in, and a lady was chosen to be the dog’s new owner. Once in her new home, the puppy revealed her true nature of happy and adorable dogs.

The staff of theof the latest Mexico’s High Plains Humane Society uses social media to urge attention and attract possible new owners for his or her dogs. While visiting an associate shelter, they found a tragic puppy and posted an image of her online. She looked defeated and sad, so tons of pet lovers around the world were left heartbroken for her situation

Numerous individuals applied to adopt the dog, and woman was chosen to be her new owner. Once familiar with her new family, the dog showed her true personality of happy and energetic puppy.

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