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Help! Man finds three very young puppies playing on the highway after being dumped !!

As cute as puppies are discovering them running around alone and within the middle of the highway may be a scary sight. Andrei Matei was forced to slap on his brakes when he saw something dart across the road as he was driving home from visiting his girlfriend. As he bogged down he saw more of the small animals running around and realized they were puppies.....
source;the dodo
  “I immediately braked and stopped the car, and began going backwards,” Matei told The Dodo. “I went out of the car and there have been three puppies, jumping on my leg and really happy. They didn't have any concept they were one inch on the brink of death.” 

He didn’t know what to try to to with these very friendly creatures but knew he couldn’t leave them alone within the middle of the highway so put them in his car and drove the three-hour journey home.

The puppies were so happy to be within the warm car and were clearly very excited. Eventually they wore themselves out with all the thrill and fell asleep.
While sleeping Matei took some pictures of the puppies and posted them on Facebook and was put in-tuned with a lady who had experience rescuing puppies.
source;the dodo

He called her and she or he agreed to satisfy him at an area vet to assist get the puppies cleaned up and verified .

According to the vet, the puppies were only 4 to five weeks old and every one had fleas but were in healthiness . They were also surprisingly friendly considering that they had been cruelly dumped at the side of a highway.
source;the dodo
the lady then agreed to require all the puppies home and find them good homes.

“I left after together with her promise that each one the pups are going to be fine which she is going to lookout finding them new homes,” Matei told The Dodo. “I checked after one week on her Facebook page and every one the pups were with their new families, safe and happy.”
Who knows what could have happened to those puppies if Andrei Matei hadn’t rescued them.