Help! Viral Video Captures Dog’s Heartbreak When She Realizes She’s Been Abandoned !!

So, many people don’t see the faces of their pets when they’re surrendered. Once they turn their back on their former-friend, that’s the top of the story for them, and there are little to no consequences.
But what about the poor animal they’ve left behind? For them, the loneliness, confusion, and fear is that the start of a replacement reality that they had no choice in. The video below recently went viral – and with good reason. The design on this poor abandoned dog’s face is one amongst just pure hopelessness. The heartbreak written everywhere every inch brings her reality to the viewer – she is hurt, she is alone, and this happens to a countless number of dogs and cats everywhere the planet, every day.


If heartache had a face, that might be it. Electra has been adopted, but there are numerous more pets out there still expecting their forever and foster homes.

Featured photo: Lolys Menchaka via Facebook
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