A couple who saved a dog from Icy Lake enjoy a day of surprises on ‘Ellen’

Earlier this month, college teacher Bryant Fritz headed to Lake Kaufman, Illinois for a soothing day of fishing. Rather than fish, he ended up pulling a desperate dog from the icy waters. The puppy, now called Dory, was intentionally thrown and allowed to drown.

Dory, named after Ellen DeGeneres’ perky fish character find Nemo / Finding Dory, has clothed to be a fighter and is now recovering from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Meanwhile, her story became viral, catching Ellen’s attention herself! The chat show queen even invited Bryant and Krystal to participate in her show. Together, they told the story of Dory and announced their intention to need her home as soon as she leaves the hospital. Ellen asked the eleven-year-old if he was getting to marry . That’s when Bryant revealed his surprise for Krystal – a marriage proposal on the air ahead of Ellen and many viewers! “Will you be the mother of our Dory? DoesDoes anyone want to marry me?me? And can you marry me? He asked as they both cried with tears of joy. It is understood that Allen himself prepared some surprises for the young couple. They left the stage with an enormous car crammed with custom treats from Ellen’s pet supply chain and a $25,000 check donated by Furbo! Watch the complete video below. Confirm you've got the tissues handy!


Original news on August 11, 2019: Bryant Fritz may be a science professor at the subsequent generation school in Champaign, Illinois. He was fishing on the weekend when he noticed something. As he got closer to the unidentified object, he was stunned. He couldn't believe his eyes when the entire picture became clear. Above Lake Kaufman, a puppy was stuck during a cage, half-submerged in icy water. He was plunged into the water to save lots of the dying puppy Bryant removes several layers of sweatshirts as he dives into the water to save lots of the frozen puppy. The closer he got, the poor little puppy knew she would get the help she desperately needed. By the time he reached the waist in the water, she began to shake uncontrollably. He carefully carried the cage on the mainland He didn't believe the poor girl would succeed. He then took her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where they were immediately ready to work on her. She had open wounds on her body and was missing patches of skin. The veterinary team said on Facebook: “The dog arrived with wounds that didn't seem to be associated with her time within the water.” The bare skin is clearly visible.

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