Abandoned Dog Crying On Side of The Road Just Wanted To Kiss Her Rescuer

Judy Obregon, who helms rescue organization The Abandoned Ones (TAO), often frequents the grim roads near a dumping ground around Echo Lake Park, Texas – a location notorious as a ditching spot for animals. She skillfully spots live animals among the decomposing bodies and brings them to the shelter.

During one such drives, she noticed a puppy beside a fence. She immediately stopped her car and stepped out. the small pup was crying and limping as she tried to urge to Judy as fast as she could. Judy cupped her face amorously and brought her into the car.

She observed that the pup, now called Callie, had a string around her neck that had snapped off in her attempts to interrupt free. Judy noticed the opposite a part of the string within the same fence where she was waiting. Poor pup! She didn’t move from her spot hoping that somebody familiar would come trying to find her.

Relieved at being rescued from the decay, Callie gave Judy a really sweet kiss on the cheek! She was taken to the vet’s where she whined when touched and was found without a microchip. She seemed considerably healthy even after browsing such a nightmare.

Callie is recovering well from her under-nourished state. She has developed a healthy appetite and seems to possess emotionally recovered from the trauma of abandonment. Judy finds that dogs like Callie are always wanting to forgive.

Within two days, Callie was smiling and abreast of her feet. Her past was behind her and she or he will soon be up for adoption. Let’s hope she gets the happy ending she deserves!


source:Doggies Care
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