Abandoned dogs chase military cars and end up being adopted !

A Facebook post caught tons of attention. Two street dogs were welcomed by the military in Bolivia.the 2 dogs jumped into the military’s car. The photos of the instant were published on Facebook. Thousands of people praised the military's attention to road dogs. The images are circulating on the web and have already become viral. they're two dogs that were following the military car in Bolivia and then therefore the two jumped inside the truck and the military helped them up.

This happened in the city of Tupiza, Bolivia, dogs will now be a part of the body of soldiers. This great news surprised many Internet users who saw the photos. They didn't hesitate to praise the attitude of the military on Facebook about this act of affection and affection for animals. “Good news, they always want love from humans,” “Puppies always suffer during quarantine, for instance, I even have food and water on my doorstep,” “Dogs found love,” they wrote on Facebook.

How to help the dog on the street? Remember that dogs and street cats need daily help during this quarantine, so don’t forget to go away water and food for them, because if everyone does that they're going to have somewhere to eat and drink water. What these military men did was very beautiful and this attitude caught the eye of the planet because, in these moments that we see only bad news, this one where the love for animals is shown is extremely successful.

Like thousands of people , we'll leave our congratulations on the attitude of the military! We hope the puppies are very happy now that they’ve been adopted.
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