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Assistance dog comforts stressed and exhausted emergency room doctors and nurses by fighting COVID-19

Susan Ryan, a Denver ER doctor, has been training the animal since she was a puppy to become a pet therapy dog. within the picture, she relaxes for a couple of minutes with him at the top of a tiring shift: “It’s the brightest a part of the day.”

A doctor sitting during a hospital hallway. Her face is tired and suffering from the suffering of the patients, covered by a mask. At her side, Wynn, a cream-colored, one-year-old labrador with a yellow bib, gives her a moment’s comfort. We are at the Rose center in Denver where, as within the remainder of the planet , doctors and nurses are at the forefront of the coronavirus emergency. At this very facility, where this picture was taken on Sunday, Wynn is not any stranger: since he was eight weeks old, he has been bringing relief to patients and his mistress, Susan Ryan, the ER doctor seen within the picture. “At the top of a shift with a patient, I washed my hands and just slumped down on the ground and asked, ‘Can I spend a moment with Wynn?” I needed it. When you’re with a dog and you pet it, you're taking an opportunity from everything else,” he told CNN. “It was the brightest a part of the day.”

Aid to alleviate stress
Wynn is now being trained to become a service dog for the non-profit organization “Canine companions for Independence” committed to helping children and veterans. she is going to remain with Ryan until she is about 18-22 months old, then follow a vocational education program at one among the organization’s training centers. While waiting, Wynn waits within the hospital’s social workers’ office, able to bring comfort to doctors who need stress relief: here, the lights dim, meditation music resonates within the air, and staff can take an opportunity before returning to figure . “One thing that impressed me,” Ryan concludes, “was seeing many videos of doctors on the battlefront shared by people on their social networks, or the support given to # Solidarityat8,” the movement that asks people to travel out on the balcony or open the window at 8 pm nightly and “thank those on the battlefront during a simple way.



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  1. Can you please correct your top byline? Wynn is part of Canine Companions for Independence. She is not being trained as a pet therapy dog, she will go on to be a service dog and help a disabled child or veteran.


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