Brave Dog Swims For 11 Hours To Find Help After Owner's Boat Capsized Off Australian Coast !!

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals. In fact, many would even argue they're better than humans and would do anything to assist out their owners within the direst of situations. 

A dog has been hailed a hero after going out of its thanks to rescue its owner, after their boat capsized in waters off Queensland. According to reports, the German shepherd paddled its little heart out, swimming stroke for 11 hours, after its owner's boat sank. The swimming German Shepherd was named Heidi, and various other floats, including fuel tanks, tackle boxes and diving suits, were caught by passing fishermen. According to reports, the fisherman notified Brisbane Water Police and that they quickly swung into action, initiating a rescue mission involving a helicopter, 4 police vessels, a jet ski and volunteer Coast Guards.

They eventually found Heidi's owner clinging to his overturned 4.1-meter boat. The 63-year-old was hauled to safety, and he explained to officers how his vessel lost power the night before and began taking in water. Senior Sergeant Jay Bairstow from Brisbane Water said: "We would take this chance to remind boaties to plan for the worst when they're out on the water. Always wear a private life preserver and make sure that your safety equipment, including EPIRBs, are tested and in good order."

"Thankfully there was a cheerful ending to the present search and Heidi was ready to be our honorary PD for the day." Heidi was taken out of the water and rushed to a vet for a radical check-up and given some good food. Impressed by Heidi's heroics, Queensland Police made her an honorary working dog for each day.

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