Deputies rescue dog left on boat after owner taken to hospital for Covid-19 symptoms !!

Sheriff’s deputies in Martin County, Florida, rescued a dog who was left behind on a ship after her owner was taken to a hospital for displaying Covid-19 symptoms. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office issued a release about the dog rescue on April 3,

The owner of a liveaboard vessel anchored in the Manatee Pocket made a desperate plea to MCSO to rescue his dog after being hospitalized for possible COVID-19. The dog’s owner had reached bent the sheriff’s office with a desperate plea for help after learning that he would be hospitalized due to the symptoms of the widespread virus. The Sheriff’s office writes: MCSO’s Marine Unit worked with Animal Services Officers to make an idea that might ensure the safety of the officers boarding the boat and thus the rescue of the stranded animal. The team wearing full personal protective gear and headed bent the vessel, where they boarded the boat and located the dog.

The dog was transported by animal service personnel to a care facility. The authorities praised those who participated in her rescue, writing: Animal Services Officers then transported the dog to a hospital where she is going to remain until his owner recovers from the illness. Nice work by a tremendous team dedicated to getting the work done, despite the circumstances.

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