Firefighter Rescues Abused Dying Puppy – He’s Left Speechless When He Checks on Her at the Shelter

When Mike paid Chunkie a visit at the shelter, he couldn't believe a pup that was on the verge of death could change such a lot in only at some point.

Some time ago, Sacramento firefighter Mike Thawley rescued a puppy that was on the verge of death. The poor animal was abused and scared and prayed for somebody to listen to her cries for help. Mike was on the work at the time he heard the noises the puppy was making, but had to answer a call and went by . However, when his shift was over, he couldn’t help but consider the animal that was in need of some help, so he came. The pup was a severely neglected Pit Bull whose owners tied her to a tree in the pouring rain. Mike could tell she suffered from a skin infection as her whole body was covered in mange and open wounds. This amazing firefighter named the dog “Chunkie” and before he brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter, he took her home and gave her a pleasant bath. Mike knew Chunkie was in safe hands, but he somehow couldn’t stop brooding about her. So, the subsequent day, the primary thing Mike did was visit the shelter and see how Chunkie spent her first night at the shelter. When he saw her, his heart melted. Chunkie wore a cute pink sweater and was way happier than the previous day. She recognized him the instant she saw him and rushed to mention hi. He knew he did the proper thing taking her at this shelter because the staff there's very loving and welcoming. Chunkie could feel she got a second chance at life and won’t stop fighting until she’s healthy again. As for Mike, he's considering offering Chunkie an area to remain, and even adopting her.

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