Forgotten Baby Must Fend For Himself In Waste While His Siblings Got New Homes !!

Gunnar was born into this world a part of an unwanted litter. His mom wasn’t spayed because her owners couldn’t afford it. When she gave birth to Gunnar and his siblings, the owner had enough and cruelly cast all of them out. The mom was sent away also because the siblings, but Gunnar was left behind and abandoned on the property. Nobody understands why.

Can you imagine how scared Gunnar must’ve been? His entire family was given away and he had no idea where they went, why he was alone and what to do… Speaking of such ruthlessness may be an understatement! The tiny puppy was struggling to survive all on his own. The piece of bread he carried was bigger than him! But thankfully he was found by Sidewalk Specials who brought him to Vet Point. He immediately had a checkup that exposed ticks and fleas. He was also infested with worms. Due to this, Gunnar was severely anemic and needed iron infusions. The little guy got the required medical attention he needed. The staff went crazy with little Gunnar, his strong and happy spirit. They placed him in a safe and comfortable kennel and gave him an honest meal. And guess what! Gunnar found the right home! His new mom absolutely adores him! He likes to play fetch and Mom gladly throws the ball in the yard. CheckSee how happy he is! Gunnar found happiness, but many dogs are still waiting in shelters and foster families. They don’t have their forever family yet. Please remind others of the importance of animal adoption. If we keep supporting breeders, then of these wonderful animals will still be overlooked. Watch Gunnar’s original video here.

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