Golden Retriever And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

Dogs have proven numerous times they’re not only “men’s best friends,” but everyone’s best buddies. And there are countless love stories between pups and different animals' species. But just once we though we’ve seen everything in terms of unlikely friendships, a replacement story airs and wins everyone’s heart.
The especial bond between Barclay – the retriever and Rudy – a four-year-old Pekin duck, proves once more that love and friendship knows There are no boundaries, fur and feathers can get along well. Barclay and Rudy, both except their owner Pam Ishiguro in Orange County, California and what at first looked more sort of rivalry, later became such a heartwarming friendship. It all started when the retriever tried to steal some from the ducks flock. But the brave Rudy disagreed with the dog's actions and began to chase him around. Which quickly becomes a daily routine for them. Actuallyactually,They haven't forgotten it even today, when the dog and his ally – Rudy, are inseparable. "The animals are very similar to my two boys – they need a love-hate relationship," the duo mom told Barcroft TV. "When they're together, somebody is usually chasing or jumping on somebody else, but once they are apart, they're always calling for every other. Barclay likes to eat duck food – actually he just likes to eat and knows there's always food within the coop, so whenever he gets an opportunity , he'll sneak into the coop and eat their food." Now, the two partners have put this competition behind them, and they are helping each other.another. While Barclay use to drink the ducks water, Rudy like to hop on his furry friend's back. "[Barclay] likes to drink their water and, if he happens to be stealthy enough, he likes to sniff a touch duck butt," Pam said. "Now Rudy has got to 'claim' Barclay every once during a while by climbing on top of him." Even though they're have some misunderstanding between them in the past, Barclay and Rudy now like to spend their time cuddling and playing together. "Rudy and Barclay need one another – I feel that's why they need such a robust bond, they're like brothers from another mother. Nobody else will play with them, so lucky for them, they found one another and formed this unusual friendship," their mom said. You can watch their lovely video below:

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