Grieving Pit Bulls Comfort Each Other After Their Owner Died In Hiking Accident

Two dogs are now comforting one another after their humans died during a hiking accident while with them.

Tonka and Little P went hiking in Colorado with their owner, Kris Busching, 33, and his friend Mark, once they got lost.
When they were two days into their hike, Busching and then the dogs tried to descend into a canyon to urge to a water source, but fell when Busching lost his footing. He tried to tug his dogs up, but all three of them fell to rock bottom of the canyon. Tonka and Little P were injured, but Busching unfortunately died from the impact. The two dogs stayed with their people until they and Mark's rescue arrived. Mark and then the dogs then traveled to Long Island , New York, to Busching’s family, before they were rushed to an emergency vet.

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Mr. Bones & Co, a nonprofit animal shelter organization, stepped up to assist Tonka and tiny P, who are now in their care. They were confused on where their owner was and were grieving without him. But they stuck together and began comforting one another as they learned to affect their pain, both physically and emotionally. The shelter posted a video of the brothers, comforting one another by touching noses. “The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two as big brother Tonka was admitted to our emergency animal hospital in order that his leg might be saved needs no further caption,” they wrote. “His bond with Little P is forever.” Both dogs are expected to form a full recovery. they're now trying to find a loving forever home for these two brothers, who must be adopted together. They will consider all states within driving distance of the nearest city of York. If you’re interested, please fill out an application at

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Une publication partagée par Mr. Bones & Co. (@mrbonesandco) le
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