Help! Pup Thrown Out Because He’s Different Only Wanted For Someone To Love Him The Way He Is

"That's when his dream family showed up." Poor Petey.. Dogs are meant to be a loved one for all times. Not only do they carry great joy into our lives, but they're also an enormous responsibility.

Puppies, especially, are least capable of fending for themselves on the streets. MostIn most cases, people are confused about how some owners abandon a puppy in a remote place. Unfortunately, for a puppy named Petey, this was what had happened. Petey was left in the middle of the park alongside one amongst his brothers by his former owner, as they weren't as normal just like the others. Thankfully for the puppies, a lady had found them and brought them to a vet for medical help. Both of the puppies were malnourished, exhausted and had critically low body temperatures. Once they were delivered to the vet, the vet had noticed that Petey wasn't moving normally. He was diagnosed with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which may be a nervous disorder caused by an undeveloped cerebellum. This condition causes Petey to be unable to steer properly and constantly bobs his head. Petey had a replacement foster mom, who is willing to accommodate to Petey’s especial needs. Consistent with his new foster mom, Petey may be a curious and friendly puppy and enjoys meeting people.

As time passed, Petey has learned to eat his own and is now ready to run as well! Petey soon caught the eye of a few, who decided to adopt him. Currently, Petey is living happily and comfortably in his new home forever!
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