Homeless Mama Dog Living In Dumpster Sees Her Puppies Being Taken Away & Panics

Formable, life as a homeless dog was filled with daily hardships. She lived with her 2 puppies during a dumpster near downtown l. a., and she or he barely ever had a pleasing encounter with any human in her life.

In this video, we see volunteers from “Hope For Paws” going the additional mile to rescue Mabel and her puppies. The puppies are intrigued when a volunteer pets them and offers them food, but this upsets Mable profusely. Mable finds it difficult to trust the “strangers” lurking near the dumpster. But when the volunteers successfully lure in her puppies, she knows she must confront them. Poor Mable, panics as she sees both her puppies being taken by the rescuers, and she or he angrily demands them back. The rescuer tries to pacify Mable and asks her to return with them. But the anxious dog backed away in fear.fear. Thanks to Mable’s distrustful nature, the rescuers had to figure extra-hard to convince her that they mean well. Finally, after several minutes of struggle, Mable finally gives in. Mable eventually realizes that the rescuers are there to assist her and her puppies, and her family would never need to go hungry if she just follows them! The rescuers took all of them to the shelter and gave them healing baths for ticks and fleas infestation. Mable’s puppies are named Dallas and Texas, and that they are happily thriving with their new caretakers at a family. MableMable may be a huge hug, it is not afraid of humans. We hope this trio finds their forever homes soon. What an uplifting rescue! Click the video below to see Mable and her puppies’ rescue and their amazing recovery!

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