Loyal dog 'waits for its owner to return home for THREE YEARS without realising it has been abandoned'

A faithful dog in China has reportedly waited for its owner to return home for 3 years after its owner deserted it without saying good-bye. The pet, nicknamed Hei Zi, is claimed to possess waited day and night during a residential complex where it and it's owner want to sleep in the town of Xi'an.

The Plott hound belonged to a Korean expat who moved back to South Korea in 2017 and left the dog behind, a neighbor told reporters. The dog (pictured), nicknamed Hei Zi, belonged to a Korean expat who lived in Xi'an, China, but moved back to South Korea in 2017. The owner claims to have left without saying Goodbye Sunspot, a Plotter hound, allegedly waiting day and night in the residential area where he and his owner usually live. Residents described the dog as 'clever', 'sensitive' and 'gentle' The neighbor, named Wang Huili, urged the public to assist Hei Zi after community officers repeatedly threatened to catch the dog, deeming it as a stray. She also said that some locals, who were frightened of dogs, complained about Hei Zi to authorities. They urged officials to get rid of the animal from the neighborhood. However, Wang stressed that a lot of people in the estate had shown sympathy towards Hei Zi and treated it as their own pet. 'We would give meat or other food we bought to Hei Zi rather than a dogs,' Wang told Pear Video.

'Hei Zi has become a link between us neighbors, who otherwise wouldn't speak to every other much,' she added. A girl told Pear: 'This dog is extremely loyal. it's waited for its owner during this estate years since [the owner] left. '[It] has never thought of leaving this estate or finding a replacement owner. It's hoping that at some point its owner would come to urge it.' The locals set up a small tent in a bamboo forest in the manor for Heizi to rest. They may also leave food outside the tent. They said that Hei Zi would seem before a statue in the center of the estate every morning at 10 and each afternoon at four, expecting its owner to return. Residents described the dog as 'clever', 'sensitive' and 'gentle'. 'It never picks a fight with other dogs or chases children,' said Wang. Animal lovers have taken it in turns to seem after the dog. Last year, they donated 5,000 yuan (£568) to Hei Zi so that the vet could remove parasites in the dog. They are now hoping to rearrange another physical check-up for Hei Zi at the vet and find a replacement owner for it. That way, Hei Zi is going to be ready to have a pet's license and live a carefree life. One neighbor, known by her surname Xie, told local Hua Shang Daily that a number of the neighbors had agreed to finish all necessary paperwork for Hei Zi 'as long because it can live a peaceful life in our estate.'
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