Luke Bryan Adopts 18-Year-Old Rescue Dog From The Shelter !!

Luke and Caroline Bryan adopt senior pet, giving him a loving home to spend his last days.

Luke Bryan loves animals, and it's not just cats and dogs. On the family farm, Luke and his wife Caroline keep a virtual menagerie of critters, including several dogs and cats, some goats, two kangaroos, and a spread of other animals. However, one among their most up-to-date additions has captured the hearts of the Bryans and other people on the web . Poochie, an 18-year-old dog was surrendered to the pound by his family who claimed to possessed developed allergies. In many cases, senior animals are euthanized because there's little chance of them being adopted in their advanced years. Luckily, the Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue was ready to get to him before this happened. At first, the group had expected for Poochie to stay at their shelter for the rest of his days. The animal rescue routinely saves animals from kill shelters no matter their age, and Poochie was simply the newest addition to the animals that the shelter currently housed.

Little did the organization know that country singer Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline had seen Poochie’s photos online. After seeing him, the couple became crazy about the senior dog. Soon, they submitted an adoption form, hoping to take him home. Approved soon, Poochie visited Bryan on their farm and the opposite animal they had. On the farm, Poochie joined the remainder of the Bryans’ relatives, including the couple’s three boys. There, he could happily live out the remainder of his days. Meanwhile, at the animal shelter, the Bryans’ adoption of Poochie opened a spot so that the organization could save another dog in need. Luke Bryan had this to mention about the new family addition on his Twitter, “Loving my new buddy.” Older dogs are neglected a lot in shelters because families look for young dogs that do not have the problems that older pets often encounter. that's why it's important for people to also adopt senior pets to offer them an area to spend their last days with folks that can love and look after them. According to Proverbs 12:10 director and founder, Lavonne Redferrin, during a interview, “We are so thrilled for Poochie and know he's in great hands. Caroline Bryan has graciously given us updates on our sweet boy.” Unfortunately, Poochie gave up the ghost only weeks after being adopted by the Bryans. And while the Bryan family is saddened by Poochie’s death they're gratified that he is a minimum of need to spend his final fortnight during a home where he received the love, and a spotlight he deserved. Caroline Bryan had this to mention about Poochie, “My heart is gloomy but full to post this… our sweet Prince Poochie has gave up the ghost. He lived 18 years and was loved by numerous people.” For more on Proverbs 12:10, Animal Rescue, inspect the organization’s Facebook page. Here may be a video with more on the Bryan's adoption of Poochie and his life on the family farm.

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  • Sharisalyn
    Sharisalyn May 4, 2020 at 11:41 AM

    You should run an article like this for EVERY person who adopts an older dog!! "Shirley Jones adopted a 15 year old pitbull mix with arthritis and heartworms" "Micheal Lewis adopted a 12 year old blind maltipoo from high kill shelter" . Why are these articles reserved for celebrities?


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