Man Floats With 19 Year Old Elderly Dog Every Day To Ease His Pain !!

You may remember seeing the photo several years ago. There’s a person with long, graying hair floating as well as his |along with his"> as well as his Shepherd mix sleeping in his arms and with his head on the man’s chest.

Here’s the story behind that photo.

John Unger adopted Schoep as a puppy. 19 years later, the elderly dog was affected by arthritis and hip dysplasia. Unger realized that taking the pressure off of Schoep’s joints by floating with him was the simplest way he knew to supply his beloved fur child with pain relief. A lover of Unger,’s took a photograph of the 2 of them, and it quickly made its way around the world. Once that photo became viral, their story made the news. Donations started pouring in from around the world, which allowed Unger to pursue other methods of pain management that gave him another year as well as his beloved Schoep. Even though Schoep is gone now, the love behind that photo is often felt around the world. Be sure to spread that love by sharing this video with your friends and family!


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