Officer Risks His Life And Dashes Onto Busy Interstate To Save A Dog That Was Hit By A Car

A Florida policeman is getting praise for darting into a busy interstate to rescue a dog that had just been hit by a car. In Florida, a policeman is being called a hero for his quick thinking and actions. He ran onto a busy interstate and rescued a dog that was just struck by an automobile.

Officer Joseph Puglia of the Pinellas Park police said that his heart “really sank until I started seeing him breathing.” The incident happened on Monday when the dog wandered out onto Interstate 275. You can see Puglia stopping his vehicle within moments after the dog got hit. Video from his dashcam shows the instant that he saved the dog. Puglia then wrapped the dog in an emergency blanket, placed him in the SUV and notified dispatch. “The team at the Pinellas Animal Hospital was notified of the incident by our communications department and that they were awaiting Ofc. Puglia’s arrival,” wrote the Pinellas Park local department on Facebook. Fortunately, the dog only has minor cuts and bruises. “After some medical examinations, the dog is predicted to form a full recovery. The owner has not yet been located thanks to the dog not having a microchip or tag.” The dog is now at the county’s animal shelter and has been nicknamed Lucky. If the dog isn't claimed, Puglia’s relations are prepared to need him.

“This incident is simply another example of the dedication and compassion our officers have for our four-legged friends. Great job to Ofc. Puglia.”

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