Pit Bull Abandoned By Owners, Near A Dumpster Among The Frozen Trash

One of the saddest sights we’ve ever stumbled upon comes from the Knoxville area. A poor Pit Bull was dumped by her owners near a dumpster within the middle of the frozen trash during the severe winter. There was no food anywhere around, just her crate that was placed on the highest of the pile of trash.

Someone spotted the confused dog and called the animal control who took the dog to the Humane Animal Rescue in Homewood. After the check-up at the vet’s it had been determined that the dog which is around 2 years old was in fine condition but she was used for breeding.

The neglectful owners were tracked down but the police remains investigating. However, they're getting to charge them with animal cruelty and neglect. Meanwhile, the dog is at a secure place around people that show her love.

She will be soon placed for adoption and that we honestly hope she would be ready to find out how to trust humans again.
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