Pit bull saves 14-year-old girl from falling off deadly 60-foot cliff !!

A schoolgirl was saved from a deadly 60-foot drop from a seaside cliff edge after a brave Staffordshire bull terrier sensed her distress and refused to go away the girl’s side until help arrived. The troubled, trembling teen sat on the sting of the clifftop near Rottingdean in Sussex when Max, a six-year-old pitbull, spotted her and ran over.

Max’s owner, George Conner, 46, said: “Max began to act oddly – he’d spotted something on the opposite side of the fence.” “BEING THE NOSEY GUY THAT he's, HE STARTED WHINING AND PULLING ON HIS LEAD. I COULD SEE A SHAPE AND THOUGHT it'd BE SOME RUBBISH, BUT once we GOT CLOSER I SAW SOMEONE WAS SITTING UP THERE ON THE CLIFF LEDGE.'” Mr. Cnner, who didn’t have his phone with him at the time, said: “MAX WENT AND SAT BESIDE HER.” “I WANTED TO APPROACH THE GIRL BUT I DIDN’T WANT to mention the incorrect THING SO I made a decision I might head home TO CALL THE POLICE.” On his way down from the cliff, Mr. Conner found an off-duty watchman sitting on the bench and asked him if he could call the police. He said: ‘We didn’t approach her as we didn’t want to scare her, and then the police arrived quickly.

The officers went over to the cliff edge and tried to urge her attention but she wasn’t moving. InIn order for them to decide to drag her over the fence, away from the stinger. ‘She wasn’t really coherent. It seemed as if she was affected by hypothermia and therefore, the police said her eyes were rolling back to her head. ‘It’s anyone’s guess how long she had been up there. She was sitting on a neighborhood of the cliff where, if she had passed out and fallen, she would have died. ‘A policeman came up to me and said, “you’ve saved her life,” but I said, ‘no I didn’t, it had been Max who found her’. When a policeman revealed her age, I was shocked-my own daughter was 16 years old. Seeing something like this makes all of your problems feel obsolete.’ Mr. Conner, who’s owned Max since he was only six months old, said: ‘He’s got an excellent temperament and may be a very friendly dog who is usually ten steps before the sport. If I’m ever ill he always notices. I don’t know if I might have found her without him.’ According to a Sussex Police spokesperson: ‘At 6pm on Monday, February 11, police were called to the cliffs at Rottingdean, opposite West Street, after concern had been notified a few girl sitting on the cliff edge’ (pictured above) ‘Two officers attended and located the 14-year-old girl who seemed to be unwell.’

‘They quickly moved her far away from the cliff edge and she or he was taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital for assessment and treatment.’ Thank goodness for this brave pup! Please share and discuss this story if you enjoyed it.

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