Suffering Puppy Crawled Thru Construction Site, Hoping A Worker Would Pick Her Up

A hard hat found a small two-three month old puppy in desperate need of help, wandering around the work area. He scooped her up during his lunch break and brought her to Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter.

Volunteers from One Tail, At A Time, a dog rescue in Chicago, then transported her to the emergency vet, where they were ready to exam her more closely. The poor pup, now named Parmesan Crisp, had a really bad skin infection and very swollen paws. Her skin was bright red, raw and inflamed in many areas. Her areas were also in bad shape, and she or he was very lethargic. She was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called puerile cellulitis (also referred to as puppy strangles). She is now being treated with medication, eating good food, and getting many rest. Heather Owen, co founder of the rescue, said all the things combined should hopefully help the disorder fade on its own and her skin heal over time. Parmesan is now living with a foster, and while she still doesn’t feel well, she is finally beginning to show her feisty personality.


It’s unknown how Parmesan ended abreast of the streets; she may are born as a stray, or she may are dumped there by a heartless monster. But what matters most is that she is now safe and on the road to recovery!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown April 29, 2020 at 9:01 AM

    Here's hoping the sicko that dumped this poor dog is caught and treated the same way, only without the rescue!


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