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Tommy will not look anyone in the eyes. He is completely broken.

A picture is worth a thousands words… and this speaks of just how abused Tommy is. He was found curled during a ball, petrified and filled with shame.

Patti at Dallas Dog RRR was sent Tommy’s pictured and was horrified. She knew she needed to act fast and obtain to the shelter. He was in San Antonio Shelter and was rushed straight to the ER. he's emotional broken won’t make eye contact and hangs his head.

He is safe with DDRRR and in 24 hour care. Staff is awaiting the results of a number of his tests. Tommy is roofed in severe mange with a bacterial skin infection. He has tick bites everywhere him and is sore to the touch. Tommy is skin and bone and is so weak that he has difficulty bearing his weight .

The most heartbreaking part is how ashamed he seems and shakes in fear. Tommy refuses to form eye contact. Thank god this all changes but we'd like your support.

UPDATE: What can we do with the COVID-19? The rescue still has responsibilities to the dogs we pulled and therefore the ones being surrendered to the shelters. i'm truly nervous about where this rescue are going to be during a few weeks as this gets worse. Will would be ready to even survive.

We are sponsoring Tommy’s care. this sort of care will cost DDRRR thousands of dollars and people are funds they are doing not have. Please consider a contribution to assist Tommy or get one among his custom products here. Every product triggers a donation to assist Dallas Dog RRR save sweet Tommy.