Two-Legged Stray Momma Cares For Her Homeless Family !!

even with her disability, she still cares for her family and makes sure none of her puppies are in harm’s ways.

We know animals are resilient, and much of the times they adapt to their environment and survive as best as they're going to

After all, there are many homeless dogs in the planet that struggle each day to hunt out food and shelter, but it amazes us how homeless dogs with disabilities are also able to thrive and survive life on the streets. In China, there is a two-legged, female stray that has born to puppies, and even alongside her disability she still cares for her family and makes sure none of her puppies are in harm’s ways.
The momma is known as Shi Bao, and she or he or he wasn’t always homeless. Her owner abandoned her and she or he took refuge near Kouguan railway station in Datong, Shanxi Province. Unfortunately, the abandoned pet lost her hind legs in an accident. Locals believe she was either hit by a car or run over by a train, but either way, she survived and has been fending for herself ever since. Shi Bao gave birth to healthy, beautiful puppies, all have their four legs. Every day, the two-legged momma guides her babies around the railroad station while they scavenge for food.

The heroic mom makes sure her children are always near her and far from harm. We know animals in China aren't also protected by laws as other animals in other countries, but we hope that Shi Bao, and her babies find an honest Samaritan or animal rescue organization, which may take them in put an end to their lonely and harsh days on the streets. All animals deserve a loving home and Shi Bao has proven she is deserving true love and a happily ever after.

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