5-Week-Old Puppy Covered in Warms Found Crying Inside a Plastic Bag

The owner put the five-week-old puppy during a bag and threw him away hoping he'd never be found. HumaneHuman cruelty has no boundaries. A five-week-old puppy was heard crying for help as his owner put him during a bag. LuckilyFortunately, this little soul, a person like Dog Rescue Kurronan heard the whimper and came to rescue him.

The sight was a heartbreaking one. Not only the small pup was terrified and confused, but his tiny and fragile body was all covered in worms. The puppy is named Bobby, which is obvious he was in need of urgent medical help. So as to form sure the dog would recover just perfectly, the administrator of the shelter, Chris Kelly, took Bobby in with him.

It only took a couple of weeks for Bobby to recover. His bubbly personality began to shine and everybody enjoyed being around him. Once his story spread, tons of people were interested to adopt him and provides him a forever home. However, Chris Fell crazy with Bobby such a lot that he wouldn’t let anyone have him.
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