Army Vet Witnesses Brutal Hit & Run, Crosses Busy Highway To Save Dying Victim

A person driving down a Missouri interstate hit a dog and kept on driving, leaving the injured pup there to die.

Luckily, Iraq war Army veteran Aaron Schneider was within the right place at the proper time and witnessed the five-year-old Beagle get hit.

He immediately pulled over and walked across busy lanes of 70 mph traffic to urge to the bloody dog.

Schneider picked the Beagle up off the road and quickly dialed 9-11 for assistance.

They told Schneider to attend there for animal control. He sat beside the Beagle as rain began to come down, but he still refused to go away the dog’s side.

As time passed, animal control still hadn’t shown up, and Schneider knew time was of the essence.

He decided to require matters into his own hands, and carried the dog into his friend’s truck. They rushed the dog to Chipman Road Animal Clinic, where they decided to call him Buster.

“At the top of the day, my combat lifesaver training kicked in, and I’m thankful i used to be ready to use it to assist him,” Schneider told Fox 4 KC. “Having served in Iraq, you see tons of loss, which is one among the explanations i used to be determined to ascertain him make it.”

At the clinic, Buster was diagnosed with five broken ribs, a torn windpipe, and internal bleeding. Since he was in such bad shape, they transported him to BluePearl Veterinary Partners Emergency Hospital for further medical aid .

Thankfully, he eventually made a full recovery and every one of his wounds healed nicely.

The best part is that Schneider decided to adopt Buster! nobody ever came to say him, and Schneider knew he couldn’t leave without him.

Buster is now loving his new life and has been given a second chance because of his new dad who literally saved his life.
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