Blind Dog Refuses To Leave Spot Where She Was Abandoned, Waits For Over 10 Yrs

Bokashi the dog has been living a life crammed with misery and pain for the past 10 years. Locals say that the blind dog ended abreast of the streets after her owner moved to a special home. Although no one recognizes its owner, Bokshil still hopes that her humans will eventually come to her.

Residents have witnessed the life of Berkshire anxiously waiting next to the apartment. Over the years, her situation only got worse. She lost her eyesight thanks to senile cataract, and her teeth started rupture too, but Bokshil thwarted the rescue attempts of concerned locals and chose to remain placed on her waiting spot. These days, Bokshil is being fed grounded, soft food by a sweet grandma who looks out for her. Some people even built a small doghouse for her. However, it’s still heartbreaking to find out the loyal girl venture bent an equivalent spot a day in search of her owner. She risks her life on the busy streets and sometimes runs into strangers in her mission to reunite with her person.

The vet who examined Bokshil believes that “waiting for her owner” gives her a purpose to measure on. But if a “rescuer” changes her environment, she won't be ready to endure the shock thanks to her deluded psychological state. We hope Bokshil’s owner learns about her haunting situation and finds her. Let’s get the word out for Bokashi and help her reach bent her original owner! Click the video below to see Bokshil’s tragic journey of shattered hopes and disappointment for the past 10 years!
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