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Couple Snowmobiling Stumbles Upon 3 Shivering Pups Fighting for Survival

If it wasn't for this couple, the babies wouldn't stand an opportunity against the weather .

As they were driving along a snowy mountaintop, a few from Utah stumbled upon a really unusual sight. They noticed a dog running around and got very concerned because the animal was there on their lonesome , with no humans or other dogs nearby.

The couple, Corey Holt and Kat Perry, got off their snowmobile and tried to approach the confused animal, but they failed because the dog got scared and run away.

“We tried to urge close but we had no food to tempt her. She was having no a part of us…,” Kat wrote on Facebook.

As they couldn’t stop thinking of the dog, they decided to urge back to her subsequent day hoping to lure her with some food. However, nothing prepared them for what they saw next.

The dog was a mommy to 3 Great Pyrenees puppies that were tucked inside a sheep’s carcass. The poor souls were newborns and were trying to find a warm place to cover , but if it wasn’t for Corey and Kat, they wouldn’t stand an opportunity against the weather Click Next to continue the story ....


“I’m not getting to leave any animal on the mountain to starve, especially, it had been obvious she had pups,” Kat Perry said.

The cuties were around 7 weeks old and were in need of a warm place faraway from that mountain.

“The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a touch ball of ice,” Perry said.

Getting the dog family with them appeared like an excellent idea, but it wasn’t a simple task to accomplish, so Corry and Kat asked Weber County Search and Rescue team to assist them complete their mission.

Until the rescues came up with an idea to urge to the mommy dog, the couple left a bunch of food for her and took the puppies with them.

“We didn’t have a leash, we didn’t have a rope or anything so we decided the simplest thing was [to] get these guys out first then return in and check out to urge her,” Holt said.

It was later reported by KSTU how the mommy dog was a guardian of a sheep flock that spent the summer at the Monte Cristo range . However, when the shepherd visited collect the sheep, the dog was nowhere to be seen. She probably tried to cover so as to offer birth to her babies faraway from everyone.

Kat fell crazy with the puppies so she adopted one among them and named him Polar. the opposite two babies were taken by an area rescue organization.

Thanks to the mommy dog, the babies managed to survive for that long up within the mountain. that they had eaten the dead sheep whose carcass they wont to keep themselves warm.

“They were living during a sheep carcass. She had found a dead sheep and that they had eaten, there was nothing left, just a touch little bit of wool and a couple of big bones. I’m sure that’s what she’d been eating on all fall,” Perry said.

Unfortunately, even after the various tries to save lots of the mommy dog, the rescuers failed over and once again because couldn’t find her.