Dachshund Who Is Abandoned When Paralyzed And Pregnant Finds Happiness

Forced to breed when she was unable to walk, Maria's owners abandoned her when she was pregnant. That's when her story takes a dramatic turn...
As with many dogs in the “care” of backyard breeders, Maria the Dachshund was neglected. But worse than that she was shockingly forced to breed when she was paralyzed and unable to use her rear legs! Then, when her owners realized she would wish a C-section that might cost $3000, they dumped her.

That’s when Friends Of Emma came to the rescue! The organization saved many pups with special needs, and Maria definitely needs a loving hand. They took her in and shortly learned that she was affected by anemia due to a flea infestation. She was also emotionally traumatized, little question from the shortage of care she had received. But Friends Of Emma were determined to offer her and her babies a fresh, new start. After having her babies (all seven of which were born healthy!), Maria began a routine of physiotherapy to assist her as well as her paralysis and her back. Just wait until you see her at 2:05! I couldn’t stop crying. After the production of this video, happiness continued. Maria and each of her puppies were adopted to their beautiful homes! Watch and share this heartwarming rescue as well as your family and friends!

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