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Elderly is caught carrying a dog on his back so he won’t burn his paws

A person on Facebook identified as Carlos Alberto Lizcano Santos, shared a photograph that became viral on the web .

Source: Portal Amigo Cão

In the photo there's an old man who is walking under a robust sun and therefore the most impressive thing is that he's carrying his dog on his back, so he doesn’t burn his paws on the recent asphalt.

The curious photo that Carlos witnessed led him to ask the elderly why he was carrying his dog like that, he answered:

“Because the sidewalk is burning his paws and he can’t walk like that, because they’ll burn them.”

The photo was taken within the scorching sun of Yucatán in Mexico. The photo reached quite 110 thousand shares and quite 18 thousand tanned.

Source: Portal Amigo Cão

Soon after the photo’s repercussion on the old man’s social networks carrying his dog, it had been discovered that he's from Valladolid. Then a community called “Amigos de Lucho” took food for him and his dog and offered him support.

That old man showed his dog true love.

We hope that a lot of people will see this as an example in order that they avoid going out with their dog when it's a robust sun. Congratulations to the present old man who is setting a gorgeous example of the way to take excellent care of your dog.