Elias Has Spent Six Years Behind Bars Because People Think He’s ‘Too Ugly’

Elias has spent the last six years behind bars after he was rescued from the brink of death. Although the shelter isn’t a perfect place to be, it had been presumably the most place he has ever felt safe in. He was happy when he first arrived, because it had been the most time he had care, food and security.

But nearly seven years is far too long for a dog to be stuck during a kennel, especially when it’s quite half their life. The happiness that Elias felt when he first arrived, faded more and more with each passing year. But why did Elias stay in the shelter for so long? Rescuer Valia Orfanidou believes there are several reasons why dogs are overlooked at shelter – looks, age, health issues, and behavioral problems to call a couple of. But in Elias’ case, Orfanidou believes it’s his looks.

The shelter had posted a photograph of Elias to their Facebook page to undertake and obtain him noticed, but someone commented: “Poor dog, he’s so ugly, nobody wants him.” But Elias is far from ugly. Sadly, his average looks have made it hard to draw attention from potential adopters.

Poor Elias has seen every dog around him get adopted over the years apart from him. But despite that, he's still a friendly, playful dog who just wants to like and be loved. If you’re curious about adopting Elias, please email: info@saveagreekstray.org. Hear more of his story in the video below:

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