Family Abandoned Their 15-Year-Old Dog Because They ‘Didn’t Have Time For Her’

Cutie, a 15-year-old German shepherd mix, was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California by her family because they “had no time for her anymore.” Cutie sat in her kennel, scared and confused on why her family let her there. She waited day in and outing for her family to return for her, but they never would.

For some reason, it took 15 years for her family to make a decision they didn’t want her, nor have the time for her anymore. When you add a dog to your family, they become a part of the family. Most of the people consider their dogs as their children. Once you move, the dog moves with you; once you have a person's baby, the dog was there first and deserves to stay; once you get divorced, one person should keep the dog.

But sadly, there are people that don’t follow this stuff and find yourself dumping their innocent dogs, who would never even consider betraying their humans. Cutie’s family did quite simply betray her; they left her to die therein kennel. Cutie is in her final years of life, her lifelife, and that they should be just that: golden. She is such a sweet dog and deserved a loving home where she would feel safe and loved.

Thankfully, someone realized just how special Cutie was and decided to adopt her. She would now live out the remainder of her life during a loving home, instead of the shelter that her family dumped her at. If you’re brooding about adopting a dog, but don’t think you’d be in it for the end of the day, please reconsider.

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