Family Took In Dying Shelter Pup So She’d Pass In Peace & She Came Back To Life

Mary and her family, who are from America, were volunteering at an animal shelter in Ankara, Turkey that cares for 4,000 dogs. In Turkey, dogs are rarely euthanized, which causes the shelters to become overcrowded and underfunded.

Many of the dogs they absorb are sickly, and a few are unable to be treated. One litter of sick puppies there have been affected by distemper, which, in it’s later stages, affects the brain and medulla spinalis, causing seizures and loss of coordination. Since they presumably wouldn’t survive, Mary’s family decided to bring the puppies home so that they could pass peacefully during a warm place and not in the shelter. But then a miracle happened. Faith, the littlest puppy of the litter, not only survived the distemper, but grew healthy and powerful .

The family was in shock, but ecstatic and relieved. They kept worrying about Faith until she was adopted, and then she continued to carry on a range full of love forever in the United States!

When Faith was sickly, she couldn’t even walk; now, she is in a position to run a bit like the wind just asthe other dog! Faith was the primary dog that Mary and her family saved, but they went on to rescue quite 50 street dogs in Ankara.

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