Fearless German Shepherd Risks His Life to Save Family During Home Robbery

The German shepherd took on the role of guard dog! Rex, a two-year-old German shepherd, acted like how a watchdog would when burglars broke into his family home. There have been two burglars who entered the Seattle home by smashing through their door. Rex ran downstairs to them daunt then upstairs to guard a 16-year-old teen who had been hiding in his bedroom closet

The brave dog held his ground and attacked the intruders – lunging his weight at the 2 men, who then proceeded to brutally beat him up. Remembering the 16-year-old, the dog quickly retreated upstairs, although he was during a bad shape when the 2 burglars ransacked the bottom floor. The burglars continued to ransack the house, room by room and were headed upstairs. When Rex heard them coming, he did his best to protect the space and his teenage owner.owner. TheWhen Rex lunged at them, the teenager called 911. To his owner’s shock, they shot him 3 times in the neck, leg and knee. Thankfully, the sound of cruiser sirens scared the burglars off. When officers received the scene, their first thought was that Rex was dead. However, this loyal companion was still alive – and in need of immediate medical care. He was then rushed off to the vet for treatment ASAP.

A Facebook page was dedicated to his heroic act and to boost funds crucial for Rex’s recovery. The post read: “Please, our family cannot let The hero dog Rex did not fight as hard as he did, and while protecting my nephew, he restored his previous strength.nephew. Many thanks for your help.”
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