Heartbroken Dog Does Not Leave Dead Owner’s Side

True loyalty runs very deep where dogs are concerned.

Once you have a dog that you simply look after and love, you've got someone that's loyal to you for all times. A dog’s loyalty can't be bought or traded or bargained with. It’s simply what it's and it’s something beautiful. That’s what makes the bond between a person's and his or her dog so strong. The bond between Leonardo and his dog, Doki, was a strong one. Consistent with his family, these two were so close that they did everything together. They were inseparable and had been their entire existence together, having found a friend in each other . That’s what makes things even worse; Leonardo was killed when he was walking his gorgeous dog at some point recently.

He was struck by a car and died on the scene, and Doki was heartbroken. The dog made his thanks to his owner’s body and he simply rested by his body until it had been moved. He wouldn't leave his side, following the body anywhere it went. Even at this owner’s funeral, the dog lay down by the casket and refused to maneuver an in. Stay away from it until it drops to the bottom. that's true love right there, and this dog is one that features a heart broken to the purpose that we wonder if he will ever love another person in the same manner. We don’t think that he will, but we simply don't know if it’s possible.
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