Homeless German Shepherd’s Heartbreaking Cry Startles Rescuers Trying to Help Her

When Hope For Paws arrived to assist a homeless German shepherd hiding under a man’s van, her cries surprised Eldad Hagar. “Rain was scared and expressed it during a way that I even have never heard in my life,” writes Eldad. “Her cry was heartbreaking, and that I am so happy that Carey Linnell called Hope For Paws and asked for help.”

“Her ears were eaten by flies, her coat was filthy, and that I can’t imagine what caused her to be so fearful,” he continued. “Loreta Frankonyte was ready to secure her, calm her down, and that I initiated the primary contact while Loretta was able to pull her far away from me if needed. Rain has never done anything aggressive, she allows me to touch her with her Carey, we gained her trust and got her into the crate and from there to the hospital.” “The next day, Loretta and that I met our friend Allison Dunbar on a rescue of a dog named Monkey. After the rescue, we headed to the hospital to wash him up, and at the hospital, Allison met Rain and fell in love! “A few days later, after a brief recovery and a touch a bit of training with the Lovejoy Foundation, Allison, Kyle and Ernie came to go to Rain again, and then the thanks to the adoption application was short. “Rain was renamed Sassy Pants Dunbar, and she or he just LOVES her new life!” Watch Rain’s touching rescue within the video below.

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