Man Is Rushed To ER After He Fell And Hit His Head, His 2 Best Friends Refused To Leave His Side

They say dogs are a man’s ally, and this story proves that to be absolutely true!

They aren’t just dogs, they're our relations, and that they are there for us through good times and bad. This time just happened to be a nasty one for a person in Chimbote, Peru when he fell and hit his head.

An ambulance came to rush him to the hospital, but his two best friends refused to go away his side

They jumped right into the ambulance and rode to the hospital with him. They kept looking up at him on the stretcher to form sure he was okay.

Once they received the hospital, the dogs jumped out of the ambulance and ran next to the stretcher and followed their owner into the hospital.

They jumped up and gave him many kisses. They were extremely concerned, and made it obvious that they loved their owner unconditionally!

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