Policeman Saves Dog About to Die in Uncontrollable Fire

A Federal policeman from Mexico risked his life during a dangerous fire to guard and save the lifetime of a mixed breed dog named Lulu.

The pet almost perished in the uncontrollable blaze, but because of the unnamed hero officer, the dog is safe. When the hearth broke out, area residents feared for his or her own lives. The flame engulfed the property and threatened other nearby houses on fire. Lulu, who probably worked as a security dog for the property, was trapped inside the complex. There are metal privacy fences around the building, and each exit is locked with a metal chain.

Fortunately, federal officials jumped up in the area and rescued the dog. The metal chains were cut and a politician rushed into the complex to retrieve Lulu. The dog tried to run to safety and sought refuge on the furthest point along the fence distance from the flames. The pet was petrified and rather than becoming aggressive towards the officer, she welcomed the rescuer who pulled her to safety.

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