Powerful Bond Saves Emaciated Dog And Autistic Boy

As a puppy, Xena was found so emaciated that she was given a 1% chance of survival. She was skin and bones and everybody who saw pictures of her when she was first saved were h.o.r.r.I.f.Ii.e.,d. But she decided to some and miraculously, she pulled through!

But Xena's amazing survival story didn't end there. The "warrior puppy" was adopted by the Hickey family and she or he formed a strong bond with Johnny Hickey, a young boy with autism. Jonny’s mom, Linda, had followed Xena's rescue and recovery from the start and believed that her son and Xena were predestined to be together and to assist each other . Xena’s presence and love has affected Jonny profoundly. He rarely spoke before she arrived, but with Xena, he began to open up. He talks all the time with Xena around and isn't afraid to undertake new things or venture call at the planet as well as his ally by his side.

Together, the inseparable best friends support one another in everything they are doing. The simplest friends still spread a message of compassion for both animals and people with autism throughout the planet .

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