Puppy Hugs And Comforts His Dying Sister During Her Battle With Parvo

Two puppy siblings, affected by a significant illness called Parvo, were delivered to the African Center, a veterinary clinic in Cairo, Egypt. This disease affects multiple organs, and in general, untreated Parvo has a low chance of surviving.

For the treatment to figure, the dog must show signs of recovery in the most of 4 days. Within the siblings’ case, the brother recovered quickly, but his sister showed no signs of improvement. The brother sensed that his sister wasn't recuperating, and in desperation, he decided to try to do something about it.

In this heart-breaking video captured by one among the vets, we see the brother snuggle up to comfort his sick and suffering sister. With desolate eyes, he makes a plea to the vets to stay his sister alive. He refused to abandon his sister, begging her to keep her strength.

Thankfully, the brother’s love and prayers worked! The pair have braved it all and have completely recovered now, and are now looking forward to having a gorgeous life together, crammed with fun playdates and adorable cuddles! Their sibling love has truly tugged at our hearts!

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