Sick 3-Legged Dog Knows No One Loves Her So She Sleeps In A Shoebox In The Rain

“Hope For Paws” received a rescue call a few homeless 3-legged Chihuahua living during a shoebox for months. When the rescuers received the scene, they weren’t ready for the depressing plight of the wee dog.

The Chihuahua barely had any strength to maneuver, even when it rained. OneOne of the rescuers touched her and found that she had just taken a bath and was soaked all over. A family had been feeding her months, but the Chihuahua appeared to produce other medical issues, which rendered her critically ill. The poor dog had always believed that nobody would look after a sickly and incapacitated dog like her. So when the rescuers stroked her amorously and promised to guard her, the dog’s eyes lit up and she or he gratefully embraced the type souls who came for her!

The rescuers named the Chihuahua “Princess,” and pledged to shower her amorously and care. She was given a cleansing bath at the shelter, then hospitalized for treating her life-threatening anemia. After months of recovery, Princess is finally healed and prepared for adoption. Even on 3 legs, she may be a sprightly girl who runs to her rescuers for hugs and cuddles! We hope Princess finds a forever home where she’s loved and pampered for the remainder of her days!

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