The one-eyed bull terrier still loves all people, even after being shot

A dog that was shot in the head then hit with a hammer found him forever in his home and now loves everyone he meets. Bubbles, a mixed bull terrier, was taken to a dog shelter at the age of just six months after suffering serious injuries in the cruel attack. The puppy’s right eye had to be removed after being shot at close range, with the bullet shattering his jaw and internal ear. A CT scan also revealed that his jaw had not began to heal properly, so he was only ready to open his mouth by half a centimeter.

When Kilyn Horton Blanchard, 51, and her husband Ike Blanchard, 56, met Bubbles in September 2017 at the dog shelter where that they had volunteered, they knew they needed him in their lives. The couple, who own a mobile dog grooming service in Houston, Texas, were on their way home once they were introduced to the puppy. “She was lying in her kennel, but the instant we opened her up, she came out, stuck her head in my chest and just wanted me to hug her,” Kilyn said. Kilyn and Ike then made the choice to feed her. Kilyn said that “they knew directly that [they] wanted to be a part of her life. They brought her home a couple of days later. Now, quite two years later – after four operations to get rid of the bullet, her right internal ear, a part of her jaw and her right eye, each of which she treated “like a champion” – Kilyn says that Bubbles may be a loving, trusting dog who craves human attention. Kilyn and Ike take the dog to several events, not only to form contacts, but also to “talk about his history and make people aware that animal cruelty exists and unfortunately it's too common. Said Kilyn: He loves meeting children and he's very nice to them. We are currently trying to urge him to figure on several animal rescues to boost awareness of animal cruelty. This includes getting to school and lecture children about how to take excellent care of animals.

We want to tell their story, but we specialize in their future and show folks that they don’t need to determine their future because their past may are tough. We also want to encourage kindness and generosity towards others. Bubbles also has her own Instagram site and has collected over 67,000 subscribers thus far, not only due to her absolutely adorable photos, but because her site also helps raise awareness of other injured puppies like this one: Despite his past, Kilyn says Bubbles’ attitude is “absolutely incredible considering what he’s been through,” and adds: “He loves everyone and really needs their attention. She loves everyone she meets and needs to play with every dog she meets. She seems to hold no memories of her past and holds no grudges. » He says blisters in his family changed his life for the higher and “opened his eyes to the cruelty around us and then the need for people to face up and help the innocent who cannot help themselves.
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