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Two-Legged Pit Bull Gets A Foster Puppy And They Are Amazing Together

Fifty is that the famous pit bull with only two legs. He was made quite famous because of his mother’s insistence that his Facebook page was wont to track his daily progress when she adopted him a couple of years ago, and it’s figured out well for the dog and his doggie mom.

These two are living their own version of happily ever after for years. Sadly, Fifty has some haters out there within the world (I mean, really…how are you able to hate a dog like this or a lady who wants to worry for him?) that feel he should are put down years ago instead of allowed to measure with only two legs. Well, they will take a hike.

Fifty may be a happy dog, and now she features a friend of his own. He lost his legs an extended time ago when a policeman shot him – not for an honest reason; because he's a pit bull. He was ready to survive the shots, but he lost two legs and has been living life a touch differently ever since his mother, Kelly, decided she would give him a home of his own.

Fifty is now living the life together with his very own mini-me, a small little puppy that was abandoned and in need of a home. this tiny dog, Jane, seems like Fifty and needs nothing quite to spend all her time together with her new big brother. there's a ten year age difference between the 2 , but that doesn't stop them from becoming the simplest of friends, very happy to be with each other .

Fifty and Jane live happily ever after with Kelly, and that we love that they're the simplest of friends. We love that they need become so close and have defied the chances which they are doing everything together. We love that their differences are unimportant to at least one another which they're just who they're with each other