Woman Adopts 6 Disabled Dogs That No One Wanted And Gives Them A Second Chance

The woman adopted 6 disabled dogs that no one wanted and gave them a second chance May 19, 2020, by William Lewis

These doggies, in a noble gesture, are ready to start again in spite of their disabilities. They have more help and understanding than the other furry one, but that has not been a drag for Tracey Fowler.

It all started when she lost her beloved German shepherd a couple of years ago. From that moment on, she decided to adopt all the dogs that weren't normally picked up in the shelters.

It seems to be the simplest decision she has ever made, because now her dog family is formed from 8 hairy ones and it's been an experience she has enjoyed to the fullest. And therefore, the dogs couldn’t be more gratified. She calls them The Fowler Herd. One of them fought a disease until he lost the mobility in his legs. However, he was still very happy until Judgment Day.

“Hayden crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with degenerative myelopathy.”

From that moment on, she decided to honor him by helping other dogs with similar conditions. “I currently have eight dogs. Six are special needs and two are German shepherds I had before adopting the others,” she said.

The fact is, the Fowler Herd has lacked nothing. They’re all very happy playing together in the snow, always under Tracy’s noble care. She says that, despite what you would possibly think, taking care of a handicapped dog isn’t so hard in any case. Although it takes dedication.

She’s going to keep helping these dogs as long as she will. They have especial love and care, which not most are willing to offer .

Watch The Fowler Herd enjoy themselves within the woods:


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