Woman Couldn’t Pay For Stray’s Medical Care, She Dressed Him & Gave Him Her Dinner

Doesn’t discriminate when it involves the homeless animal population. For an older dog, especially with typical senior ailments, finding food and shelter is even harder. Injuries are common, but when a senior dog is hurt, it's even more heartbreaking. Especially when they are so helpless and trust our kindness to urge them through the difficulties.

One sweet dog, later named Buster, was found by a neighbor when he was lying nearby, unable to steer. The type neighbor dressed him to stay him warm, gave him some food, and covered him with a blanket. Then she called Animal Aid, knowing that he needed medical assistance that she was too poor to provide supply.

When Animal Aid came, they tried to lift Buster to find out if he could stand or maybe sit down. But he couldn't bear any weight on his back legs,Now is the time to figure out why Buster was sent to the animal aid sanctuary.sanctuary. Albeitalbeit, he’s surrounded by strangers, he's so calm and sweet. Despite being in obvious pain, he puts his trust in his new caretakers. As they undress him, his body goes stiff. This is often a symbol of distress. It’s heartbreaking to understand he’s holding all together this pain.

The veterinarian evaluated Buster and diagnosed him with a spinal injury. He does have a sensation in his back legs which is a superb sign. it's possible he will recover. Now, they need to get Buster to eat. He needs his energy! Buster needed some reassurance, and a few hugs, but he finally ate.

Buster was placed on a strict schedule of physiotherapy. But even after 3 weeks, he still couldn't stand. But that doesn’t mean anyone was getting to hand over. TheThe team constantly learns about his muscles and joints. He always remained calm and accepting regardless of what the volunteers tried. What an honest boy!

Then, with diligence and patience, Buster began to turn.steer. He wags his tail happily too, at every human he sees! It took six weeks but Buster has made quite the recovery. The best part, he gets to travel home to the neighbor who had cared for him! Just check out all those smiling faces! Yay, Buster. Buster is welcomed with smiles and open arms! check out how happy he is! We couldn’t invite a more perfect ending to his story. To find out Buster’s rescue and recovery, scroll down and press play. We love Animal Aid!

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