Blinded By Infection, He Couldn’t Even See His Rescuers Walking Toward Him

Rory was found at the De Doorns dump in very bad health. He was affected by tick bite fever, crammed with worms and parasites, and was going blind from really severe allergies. Rory began to lose hope and accept his fate that he would die out there amidst the trash.

The sad part is, Rory isn't the sole dog who was dumped there. De Doorns Junkyard can be a very fashionable place for evil people to dump and abandon sick and unwanted dogs. Many of them do find yourself dying there, but Rory was one among the lucky ones.

He was thankfully rescued by Sidewalk Specials, who rushed him to a vet for treatment. Thankfully, his eyes cleared up with proper medication, and he was ready to see again! The puppy who was on the brink of death has grown into a cheerful and healthy dog! So the best news? He was adopted by loving humans!

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