Disposed Of In A Field With Broken Bones, He Yelped In Pain Begging For Help

Evil people broke his bones and left him there to suffer. He was unable to move, so the only thing he could do was cry.

Someone threw a puppy in a field with multiple fractures. He couldn’t move, and was in severe pain, crying out for help, but nobody was there to listen to him.

Thankfully, he was finally found and rescued by Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers. They brought him back to their clinic, where he had x-rays done. The x-rays revealed a broken femur and tibia, also as a shattered hip.

He underwent two surgeries to repair his broken bones and hips, but he still continued to possess some issues. After a 3rd surgery and physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Gino was doing far better. Not only can he walk now, but he can run just like the wind! albeit he had endured such much evil, Gino refused to offer up, and every one of his determination has paid off. He remained sweet and friendly throughout his entire journey, despite being abused at the hands of humans.

After Gino fully recovered, he visited his eternal family, the surrounding nature, many lands and deer. He even features a new doggy sibling named Riley who he likes to frolic and play with. Watch his rescue and incredible transformation in the video below:

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