Dog Chases An Ambulance And Runs Out Of Breath As He Pleads EMTs For Help

While the ambulance speed across the busy streets, in the side view mirror, they noticed a poor dog chasing after them desperately For homeless man’s sometimes the simplest thing that there exists are the loyal dogs that stand with all the time

On the streets of Brazil, a homeless man went through a seizure, when the paramedics received the scene the person had collapsed so that they immediately put him in the ambulance. When this person was sitting inside, the medical staff never thought that they might find the most loyal dog, thanks to the hospital after all. When the ambulance quickly passed through the busy street, in the rearview mirror, they noticed a poor dog chasing them desperately, The cute dog was out of breath, but refused to let the ambulance urge him to disappear from sight.

The paramedics decided to prevent the ambulance and appearance for how to assist the dog, since they knew if he keeps running through the traffic it's going to be dangerous. The moment the ambulance stopped the dog jumped in and ran near the homeless man, the dog sad eyes was as if he's pleading with the team to assist the person, that clothed to be his owner. While the person received the needed treatment on the hospital, the dog stood next to him all the time, the staff witnessed how strong bond the homeless man and then the dog have formed on the cruel streets.

Seeing how loyal and wonderful this dog was towards his owner it made us so emotional, and this is often another reason why we should always love this furry ones.
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