Dog died saving family from cobra that tried to get into their home

A heroic pet dog died trying to prevent a cobra coming into her family’s home. Pregnant Nong Horm was found dead alongside the 4ft long snake in the yard in Pathum Thani, central Thailand, on Tuesday night. The dog, two, was in the final stages of pregnancy and carrying around 10 puppies in her stomach. Heartbreaking footage shows the 35-year-old owner Buncherd Praprom lying next to a dying bulldog with several bites in her mouth.

The monocled cobra, one among the deadliest snakes in the world, was in the latter stages of life having been wounded by the protective dog. Its powerful venom would have killed the dog within a couple of minutes. Suriyon Chanthakhet, 51, added that the family pet lived with all of them in the property. He explained: ‘Our beautiful dog was killed while protecting us from the cobra. ‘My heart is breaking. Brooding about the pain she must have experienced makes me cry.’ Suriyon said he heard Nong Horm fighting with something near the yard but when he finally went outside it had been too late to save lots of the dog from the cobra. Suriyon, who is heard mournfully lecture Nong Horm in the video, said: ‘What has just happened to you, my dear?

‘Why did this tragic accident happen to you? I'm so sorry that you simply died while you were pregnant.’ Suriyon said he blamed himself because he couldn't save Nong Horm and her puppies.

Soon after, the cobra also died. Then the family took the snake outside, and Nunholm was buried in the back garden. Suriyon added: ‘Nong Horm was the simplest pet dog our family have even taken care of.
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