Dog followed anyone who was kind to him because he wanted to have a home

Unfortunately, there's a growing population of stray dogs in many countries. Without sufficient resources, helping these animals may be a difficult battle. Fortunately, the ‘Dropbox Project’ works with rescue groups in many parts of the planet. In South Africa, they assist other rescue groups by providing kennels, food, blankets, and other necessary supplies.

While the volunteers worked, they found a friendly puppy. Most stray dogs are rather shy for obvious reasons, but not this dog! He began to follow them. The volunteers realized that the puppy would follow anyone who was kind to him because he was desperate for a home. How touching!

They called the friendly mutt “Scribble.” Scribble was limping. When he was taken to at least one of the DropBox vets, the vet said it had been likely that he had been intentionally kicked by a person's annoyed by his excessive friendship. Dogs like Scribble are treated as ‘pests’ to several locals. Kicking them to disappear may be a common practice.

Scribble wasn't during a job to remain on the streets. They approached him, looking for a permanent home for him. They introduced him to the Hills Nutrition and then the Express Morning Show. The show featured the adorable puppy so he and other dogs for adoption at Sidewalk Specials that would not find a home. Don’t all animals deserve a home? Scribble was very nervous about all the brilliant lights and other people, but his appearance on the show worked. He quickly found his new family.

Sidewalk Specials Scribble flew up to satisfy his new parents. Their new family knew that Scribble was the right puppy for them, and he deserved nothing but happiness. Don’t you merely love a cheerful ending? The puppy that was kicked for being an epidemic is now during a loving home for the remainder of his life!

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